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"Legend of the Flat Earth" is strategy game that blends city sim and tower defense genres in a realistic earth setting. Build and sacrifice to survive the evil below. Sometimes it may be necessary to flip your perspective so you can pay attention to what's happening on the other side of the coin. 


"W, A, S, D" for panning movement
Middle mouse rotate camera
Right Click to open build menu
Left click to select a building (Town center to make workers, others to read info)
Backspace to reset came to default
Spacebar to flip over the real flat Earth (we're round earth shills btw)
"K" destroys a building that is selected

Marketplace Assets used:
Synty - Adventure Pack
Synty - Polygon Prototype
Synty - Samurai Pack
Synty - Polygon Knights
Kakky - FX Variety Pack
LongmireLocomotion - Advanced Locomotion System V3

Synty is awesome. I'm buying all the rest of their packs because of how well they all meshed together. I actually wouldn't have known they existed without this game jam happening, so thanks Epic!


FearOfDucks_LegendOfTheFlatEarthv2.zip 256 MB

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